Best Mode Festival 2022

Mode Festival 2022

Abou the Mode Festival Bizarro acknowledges the Sydney Harbour region’s Traditional Custodians and Owners, including the areas that are now under our care. We give the Borogegal, Birrabirrigal, Cammeraygal, Gadigal, Gayamagal, Wallumedegal, and Wangal people, as well as their Elders past, present, and emerging, our sincere acknowledgment. We are really appreciative of the Local Aboriginal Land Council’s cooperation in allowing us to have our event on land that has been taken from the First Nations people and we recognise the special significance of Wareamah to them.

About Mode Festival Event

Date – 15 Oct 2022

Day – Saturday

Time – 2:00 pm – 10:30 pm AEDT

Location – Industrial Precinct Cockatoo Island Balmain, NSW 2041 Australia

Refund – No Refund 

Detailed Description of Mode Festival Event

An aspirational and dynamic aural extravaganza, MODE is ambitious. a paradigm-shifting occasion designed for futurist expression. a vast visual arts experience bound by elevated dance music that explores. Get inspired by club culture’s most alluring new forms, regardless of the approach.

Produced by Bizarro, MODE is born on October 15, 2022, in the stark surroundings of Wareamah (Cockatoo Island, Industrial Precinct).

Immerse yourself in this assemblage of electronic music innovators who are pushing the envelope. Honor outspoken outcasts and the audacious vanguard. Find genre-defying DJs, producers, and live performers on three captivating stages who rightfully stake their claim as some of the most unique in the world. The most avant-garde performers from the club scene will be hosted by MODE for an unforgettable all-day dance trip.

Catch worldwide thought leaders with local neoterics equally flexing their worth in this genuinely global exchange of inspiration and ideas. Mode is a conference of avant-garde creative expression, featuring artists from around the world such as Djrum, Priori, Aurora Halal, or Wata Igarashi as well as domestic boundary-pushers like Kia, Purient, Cousin & E. Fishpool.

Find yourself in hypnotic shape to dance and learn in this scene, which is located on a big industrial estate in Warrang (Sydney), perched on the famous perspective. An elevated experience with a breathtaking installation of sound and pictures awaits you. On a scale rarely seen in Australia, MODE will present electronic music. Featuring exceptional production that goes above and beyond your visceral experience, a carefully thought-out audio construct that is specifically designed to hit all the appropriate frequencies.

The brutalist-inspired setting for the featured performances features three stages surrounded by tall sandstone walls and abandoned equipment. Tiarna Herzceg will serve as the event’s creative director while inviting artists from all over Australia to portray the main theme of “Speculative Futures.”

a festival with a diverse culture that values uniqueness and inclusivity. By highlighting underrepresented voices and encouraging creative expression among local and international peers, MODE FESTIVAL aims to engage with our community. a function that is purpose-driven and sustainably created.

MODE is a celebration of artistic expression and music innovation. A thrilling day intended to highlight the finest of human potential.

Mode Festival

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