World Science Festival Australia 2022 In Brisbane

It is a very exciting event for science lovers. Where you learn about different phenomenon’s of science practically, learning by doing with famous scientists and researchers of the world. Various working models of science are demonstrated in the world science festival for crystal clear concepts of the participants. Students from all the disciplines of science and adults are participating in this science festival.

World Science Festival Wiki

This festival started by the Brain Greene in New York City, United States of America. He was a famous author of many books and a professor of physics and math at the University of Columbia. Another person with Greene was a journalist named Tracy Day, who won Emmy Awards four times. This event started on 28 June 2008 in New York City and started in Brisbane, Australia, in 2016. Scholars and energetic subject experts from all over the world participate in this event. Almost more than 2 million visitors participate in the festival physically and millions of millions online.

World science festival 2022 Australia

World Science Festival 2022
World Science Festival 2022

Next, this event 2022 will be held in Brisbane, Australia, from 9 March to 13 March 2022 for five days. Brisbane City will become the city of science during this festival of 2022. It is expected that the festival 2022 will be the most crowded event than in previous years. It is estimated that more than two million people will participate in this event. This festival consists of two parts.

School Program                9-11 March

Science Festival                12-13 March

The school program is for the different age groups, children to adults, and school students. Families and common people can also participate in this festival. Many hands-on activities are performed by the students individually and in groups for crystal clear concepts.

World Science Festival 2022
World Science Festival 2022

These are the following fields of STEM for activity-based learning.

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Math

Various famous scientists and leading scholars participated in this festival to make the student’s concept clear about the topics. Discussion, activity-based learning, workshops, hands-on skills, events, and talks are the productive activities in this festival 2022.

Participation fee for this festival 2022 is free, 10$, and 20$. Children of different age’s, adults, and families are there to learn. Amazing phenomena and functional working models are displayed there for clearing concepts about their working and working principles. There are also biological, physics, chemistry, math, arts, daily science, space, communications, education, transport, sport, wildlife, ethics, and work. Every person from all fields and professions of life can participate and enjoy this event 2022.

Closing Words For Science Festival 2022

As this event is much beneficial for all age groups, everyone should participate in this festival for basic concepts of STEM. Schools and students also participate in gaining knowledge and new ideas in the field of science. So get ready and apply for this interesting event which going to be held in Australia Brisbane in March 2022. It will help nourish your abilities and bring up your best version outside of you. It will take to you to the top of progress and success.


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