Oliphant Science Award 2022

Oliphant Science Award is a very innovative science award for South Australian students up to 12. It is the event that develops an environment of competition and love for learning in school students. The purpose of this award is to enhance and develop students’ cognitive and motor abilities like creative thinking, testing, analysis, communications, innovation, discovering, reporting, elaborating and use of senses, etc. Student resources for this award are their teachers and the knowledge gained in school. OSA Facebook page also works for the schedule, guidance, and success stories of award-winning students. The schools participating in this award show better performance and have more success rate of students in the future than the other schools who do not participate in this award.

Oliphant Science Award Wiki

This award was started by an organization of south Australian teachers SASTA (South Australian Science Teachers Association), in 1981 on the name of a great Australian Scientist and Physicist, Mark Oliphant. Students of different schools participate in this award for winning trophies, cash prizes, and certificates. It is held mostly in August every year. It is going to be held for the year 2022 from 5-7 August. This Oliphant science Event has the name of the open day. Student resources for information are the OSA Facebook page and website. Every update and schedule is updated on the OSA Facebook page for this event. Award-winning student stories and their model are also updated on this OSA Facebook page. The website is also used as student resources who take part individually in the event.

SASTA Organization
SASTA Organization

OSA Categories, Age Level For Activities, Awards

Students can participate in the following categories.

•             Photography

•             Robotics & Programming

•             Essay Writing

•             Games

•             Different Applications of Computer

•             Innovating Models

•             Inquiry

•             Multimedia Resources

•             Posters

Students make their projects and working models, and posters according to these categories.

The age group are categorized as follows.

•             Reception – 2 year

•             3-5 year

•             6-7 year

•             8 year

•             9-10 year

•             11-12 year

There is an entry fee for different categories of the award according to the role and age.

Students compete for each for the three categories of winning prizes.

•             Oliphant Trophy

•             Cash Prizes (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

•             Certificates (Non-winners, Outstanding Entry, Winners)

Features Of Oliphant Science Award

OSA has the following features.

Oliphant Award Features
Oliphant Award Features

•             Uses of scientific investigation in our daily life.

•             Elaborate their abilities, innovations, idea, inquires, and abilities.

•             To enhance knowledge of science and skills of understanding.

•             Communicate with a great number of students and participants.

•             Way to develop innovation and creativity through participating individually.

•             By different methods of science like investigating method, inquiry method etc.

These features show that this event is very good for students to nourish their abilities and enhance their skills. It is a very interesting and productive activity for students.

Closing Words For Oliphant Science Award

This award acts as an ignition stimulus for the students to bring up their inner abilities and polish their skills. SASTA works in a great way for this event. All the student resources information and OSA Facebook page play a productive role for the students. South Australian schools and students should participate in this event to make their progress for the future.


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