Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2022 Schedule And Wiki

This event week is a very fabulous week for the fashion and showbiz industry of Australia. It includes the designing, makeup, hair, and multiple designing collections of dresses. It is a very exciting week for the designers and celebrities because there is an attractive amount of 100000$ for the award winner. Designers get a chance to show their design collection for the current year, upcoming year and reach unlimited consumers with a good reputation and fame. It is becoming the most famous event of entertainment, showbiz, and fashion industry of Australia. Everyone is ready to wear such event collections.

Fashion week 2022 Wiki And History

It was started in 1966 by the Australian designers, and afterwards, in 2005, it was purchased by an American company IMG (International Management Group). In 2006, the event was changed to RAFW (Rosemount Australian Fashion Week), but in 2013, it was again changed to MBFWA (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia). It remained till 2020 and was again renamed in 2021 as Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW).

The fashion week 2022 event was cancelled for fashion week 2020 due to the pandemic situation of the world. So it was held in May-June 2021 as Afterpay Australian Fashion Week. In current years, it is Australia’s most famous and favourite fashion event.

Fashion week 2022 registration has been open till 30 November 2021. Four winners are selected every year for this fashion week event.

Fashion Week Australia
Fashion Week Australia

Australian Fashion Week Celebrities And Significance

Various world popular and famous models, actresses and celebrities participate in different annual fashion week events and ready to wear collections of participated designers. Some of the celebrities are following their participation year.

Linda Evangelista              1997

Eva Herzigova                    2001

Jade Jagger                         2005

Dita Von Teese                 2007

Macy Gray                          2008

Susie Bubble                      2010

The list of these celebrities shows the significance and value factor of this fashion week in Australia. The participation of a celebrity, in any event, make it valuable and if ready to wear collection of that fashion week then it becomes more successful. In previous years, many famous and well-known celebs participated in the event and made it popular in every field of the fashion industry.

Afterpay Fashion Week Australia 2022 Schedule

It is mostly held for a week in May-June every year. This event held in 2021 from 31 May to 4 June. It is going to become the most popular fashion show in Australia. Online registration for the event is open till the end of November. There is a 100$ fee for participation in fashion week, and we have to fulfil some requirements. Winners get a handsome cash prize of 100000$. An Australian citizen of age above 18 can apply for this fashion week 2022 event. viagra 50 mg prix

It is a link for online registration to participate in this event of fashion week 2022.

Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2022 Online Registration.

Closing Words For Fashion Week Australia 2022

Australia Fashion Week
Australia Fashion Week

It is considered the most important event in the showbiz and fashion industry of Australia. Many international fame dress designers and celebrities participate in this fashion week to make it more attractive and gorgeous. It has become the symbol of fashion and designs in the dress and showbiz industry of Australia. Every celebrity is ready to wear the designers dress in this fashion event to become more valuable and famous.


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