5 Amazing Landmarks in Australia

Whenever you planning of your tour gives you enjoyable moments. A journey with exact destinations provides double fun because everything is managed. When you are going to Australia for a time, for visiting beautiful landmarks in Australia, you should have the following beautiful places Australia in mind. These destinations give you freshness to your soul. A list of such landmarks in Australia is the following destinations.

  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Fraser Island
  • Sydney
  • Darwin
  • Melbourne

A brief description of these fantastic attractions in Australia is given as under.

Great Barrier Reef


It is included in the wonders of the world and the first most-visiting landmarks in Australia. It is bigger than the great Chinese wall and only one thing seen from the space. Its heart-touching view makes it the best landmark in Australia. Foreign visitors keep at the first visiting destination in Australia. An average of five (5) millions tourist visits the excellent barrier reef every year. So, this is the reason it includes in the attractions in Australia list.

It has more than two thousand (2,000) fish kinds and spread to the latitude of more than 14 degrees. That makes it the best attraction place in Australia. It is also the problematic top-level place for the ecosystem on the earth, which includes every type of habitat. So, this is at the top of the list as beautiful places in Australia. It has a value of more than $56 billion. It also plays a role of $6.4 billion in the Australian GDP in different ways. But the change of climate is a significant threat to it. so, this is included in the category of attractions in Australia.

Fraser Island

This island is also known as Gari Island. It spread almost more than 120 km long. This landmark of Australia is included in the world heritage site. It is the most oversized island of sand on earth. This island is fertile with different metals like monazite and zircon. Mining is also done here by the other international companies through legal procedures.

It is considered a most attractive place for tourists and visitors because it has more than 100 freshwater lakes.  More than $3.8 million people visit this island every year. The exciting factor is that visitors visit this island at night more than in the day. People go camping and hiking here. This island has a climate temperature range from 33 C to 7 C. there are up to 50, more than 74 reptiles, 350 bird species in this Iceland, especially dingoes. Also, 865 species are grown here of different plants. All these qualities made it one of the beautiful places in Australia.


Sydney has a list of attractive places for tourists like the opera house, which is considered the city symbol of Sidney, rocks buildings, darling harbor, Royal Biotic garden, Queen Victoria Building, Eye Tower, Harbour Bridge, beached and many more others.

Sydeny Opers House Australia
Sydeny Opers House Australia

Almost 4.1 million people visit Sydney every year from around the world. This figure shows that the value of Sydney in the tourist’s eye. Sydney opera house is the most visited place in this city. It is a multipurpose building especially considered as an art center. This building is also in the world’s top 20 structures, which is most beautiful and visited by the tourist.


Darwin is a port city at the bank of Beagle Gulf having a triangular shape. it is at 4th number in the list of landmarks in Australia. It was named after a famous scientist Charles Darwin who represents the Darwin Theory. This city has a dry and wet climate, but approximately 0.569 million people visit Darwin City every year. It also falls in beautiful places Australia Umbrella.

National Park Australia
National Park Australia

The famous places to see in Darwin are the following.

  • National Park
  • Darwin Water Front
  • Region Guide
  • Mindil Beach Sunset Market
  • Deckchair Cinema
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service

These are just a few, but there are many places to visit and enjoy them.


This city is the capital of state Victoria. This city is also famous for sports and lited in attractions in Australia. Melbourne Cup horse race is the biggest sports event which is held in Melbourne. About 10.4 million people visit this city every year.

Here is the list of places to visit in this city.

  • Victoria National Gallery
  • Federation Square
  • Melbourne Arcade
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Eureka Tower

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