Genshin Impact

This game, is based on adventure, and exploring the world of Teyvat were pair, of siblings wounding in world. The unknown god separated them, and are siblings were lost in Teyvat world. The few companions with these siblings, and start to fight against the seven enemies, which are seven nations living on Teyvat planet worshipping the seven gods. Every nation has metal, and these metals have specific properties on battlefield. The story revolves, around their siblings lost from each other in Teyvat world by unknown god.

Genish Impact Wiki

Name Genshin Impact
Offered By miHoYo Limited
Developer country Hong Kong
Genre Role-Playing & Action
Game Type Adventure
Playing Mode Single & Multi players
Required Android Version >5.0
Downloads 1000000+
Size 918 Mb
Release Date Sep 28, 2020
Official Site https://genshin.mihoyo.com/en/
Music Composed By Yu-Peng Chen
In-App products 0.99 $ – 99.99$
Youtube Channel Subscribers 4.05 M+
Awards  Tokyo Game Show Media Awards 2020 public poll
Average Game Development Cost $200 million per year
Revenue per anum $2 billion
Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact overview

Genshin impact is adventurous game. It story revolves around the siblings who reached fantasy world named Teyvat. It is world of seven nations have different gods. These nations and gods have unique powers.

The game starts with some travelers who are traveling different worlds. When they reached the world of Teyvat, an unknown god lost this world by his unique powers. The game starts by finding the siblings who are listed in Teyvat world.

Characters of Genshin Impact

There are two main characters of Genshin Impact. One character is male named Aether and another female character name is Lumine. Paimon is first companion of twin siblings. Are following four tiers in Genshin Impact.

Hu Tao Fischl , Beidou Lisa
Raiden Shogun Klee Noelle Geo
Venti Xiao Barbara Anemo
Bennett Yoimiya Chongyun Amber
Xiangqi Eula Qiqi
Zhongli Kazuha Xiangling
Albedo Razor Katya
Ayaka Tartaglia Xinyan
Ganyu Mona Rosaria

Genshin Characters Skills

The characters of Genshin Impacts can enhance are skills of fighting, weapons, and artifacts. Four characters also interchangeable during any time of game, even while their fight is happening.

There are also different challenges to getting rewards for strengthening own self, for example, Storm terror. As getting more rewards, the level of the game ups as the difficulty of the game is increased. There is also an option to increase the power and stamina of players as reward.

Interesting Factor

Players can get fruits, vegetables, meats from hunting animals, and other foods the Teyvat world fields, from enemies, and also purchasing from general stores.

Fighting Skills in Genshin Impact

Are unique fighting skills for different characters in Genshin Impact. These skills of two types, which are skill of element and skill of burst element. These skills can used at time in battle and depend on seven essential elements. The interaction of elements make new weapons and explosions. By mixing different elements, you can create different type’s effects. Sometimes can freeze your enemy for few seconds to damage him as much as possible, and sometimes, you burn your enemies.

 Skill of element

This skill can used at time during the battle except for cooling downtime because when you use it one, it takes time to cool down for again ready to use.

Skill of burst element

This skill can used when the power of skill is full. It is full of defeating the enemies and getting the rewards. It also gave different reactions or bursts while interacting with different elements.

Different metals in Teyvat world produce different reactions. Also these metals from ore extraction. These metals increase the weapon’s power and other fighting skills. These fighting skills consist burst of elements and the skills of elements.

Seven Nations Tayvat worlds in Genshin Impact

The names of seven nations are living in Teyvat world are following.

  • Mondstadt
  • Liyue
  • Inazuma
  • Sumeru
  • Fontaine
  • Natlan
  • Snezhnaya

These nations have specific metal and fight against the siblings and their companions as enemy.

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Seven Gods of Teyvat world in Genshin Impact

The gods of Teyvat world called Archons in Genshin Impact and have the following names.

  • Morax
  • God of Justice
  • Tsaritsa
  • Baal
  • Barbatos
  • God of Wisdom
  • Murata

The gods have the gorgeous powers to control their nations and make them stronger by their specific metal.

Seven Elemets of Tayvat world in Genshin Impact

These elements play the role of weapons and are used in the battle to destroy the enemies. The level of destroying others increased by solving the puzzles as well as killing the enemies. The interaction of different metals plays different output. Some freeze the enemy, sometimes burn the enemy, and sometimes make unusual blasts to kill every enemy in front of.

The name of element and their properties are following.

Element Name Property
Pyro fire
Geo earth
Dendro nature
Cryo ice
Electro lightning
Anemo wind
Hydro water

Updations in Genshin Impact

The Kenshin impact developer team continuously updates the following area of game.

  • New Areas
  • New Characters
  • New stories
  • New events
  • New system
  • New weapons
  • New monsters

The development in following areas makes the game more exciting and unbeatable. As well as you completed the levels, the difficulty of games increased. It takes one year to complete the current game levels, and the team is consistently updating them.

Valuable Tips for Genshin Impact

Are the best tips and tricks for game Genshin Impacts. These tips play essential role in playing the game. The details of tips and tricks are following.

Take your place among the gods and save the world from doom.

This tip describes the way to save yourself and your siblings and their companions from saving ourselves from the gods and their nations. This defense tip makes you perfect by using the interaction of the different metals. This tip also motivates you to take the challenges and get rewards because challenge rewards and the metal interaction make you a perfect fighter against your enemies. Don’t let your enemies without attacking.

Command the elements with their blessings

This trick takes you to your best position because when you have a grip on the metal interaction and its outputs, you can easily fight against your enemies. Command on elements gives you boost of confidence against your enemies. The strategy of interacting elements gives you edge to destroy your enemies. A good level grip on metal interaction makes you perfect for playing against your enemies because these metals are your powers.

Venture forth and explore all of them

There is no end to the levels, so go far as you can. By exploring the different areas in Genshin Impact, you get rewards, new weapons, powers, and chance to upgrade your team. It also gives chance to boost and manage your combo team at your desired level.

Close Up of Genshin Impact

This highest playing game in Australia and also in many other countries. The real-like view of different worlds gives you best exciting scenes. You also feel intellectual-level activities while solving the puzzles. Also, the interaction of different metals gives you interesting results which make you straightened against your enemies.

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