Top 10 Australian Road Trips for 2023

Australian Road Trips for 2023

Australia’s richness and its landscape merit genuine admiration. Enjoy the Australian Road trips. If you choose to travel by air instead of by road, you could miss a lot.  Now is the moment to take the road instead of the plane, and throw away the boarding card. Pack your backpack, hop in your car, and head off if you want to experience the breathtaking beaches, uninhabited areas, and deserts of this Great Southern Land.

Here are 10 exciting road trip locations in Australia that you must visit. Let’s explore what this lovely place has to offer.

10 Best Australian Road Trips

1. Brisbane to Cairns

Australian Road Trips

The drive from Brisbane to Cairns is an incredible way to take in the views of Australia’s oldest beaches. There are several spectacular scenic highlights along the road from Brisbane to Cairns. It is one of the best places in Australian Road Trips. Watching the view of Whitsundays, Fraser Island, and the Great Barrier Reef is worthwhile.

Queensland is also a stop along this itinerary. Australia’s adventure capital is Queensland, which offers a variety of activities like bungee jumping, rafting, and skydiving. As a result, this path is the finest because it keeps you interested and motivated.

2. The Great Ocean Road

Australian Road Trips

The Great Ocean Road, the most well-known road in Australia, runs across Victoria from Torquay to Allansford. The Great Ocean Road is well-known for the breathtaking scenery that it offers along the way. It is one of the best places in Australian Road Trips. It follows stunning coastlines, lush rainforests, shipwrecks, and, above all, the well-known “Twelve Apostles.”

Along its 243 km length, The Great Ocean Road also winds by some charming seaside towns and cliffs. You, therefore, have a lot to explore and learn along the route. The road ends in Port Fairy, which is recognized as the 2019 “Aussie Town of the Year.” The Great Ocean Road is one of the outstanding tourist sites with these incredible locations nearby.

3. The Great Alpine Road

Australian Road Trips

If you enjoy driving through mountain ranges, this fantastic road is ideal for you. It travels through a number of canals, wine districts, steep valleys, and mountain ranges. Amidst its stunning splendor are several noteworthy historic towns, like Omeo, Bright, and Beechworth. It is one of the best places on Australian Road Trips.

You can also access Alpine town, Victoria’s highest village, via the Great Alpine Road. This community provides fantastic downhill skiing, horseback riding, trekking, footpaths, and fishing.

However, you must have chained wheels in your vehicle if you intend to travel “The Great Alpine Road” during the winter. Additionally, make sure you are a skilled driver and that your gasoline tank is full.

4.  The Nullarbor

Australian Road Trips

The Nullarbor road begins in WA’s goldfields and travels to SA’s Eyre Peninsula. It is said to as the fabled path devoid of any trees. The Great Australian Bight’s sea cliffs are reached via this straight path.

Aside from its wildlife, which includes kangaroos, camels, dingoes, and emus, the Nullarbor is renowned for it. The Nullarbor National Park is a must-see destination. It also contains a number of caves, giving you a chance to truly experience animals. It is one of the best places on Australian Road Trips.

The remains of Eucla Telegraph Station are also traversed by this wonderful route. One of the historic locations to visit is this station, which was constructed in the 1870s. You can choose between camps, cottages, and roadhouses if you want to stay while traveling this route.

5. Red Centre Way

Australian Road Trips

The remains of the Eucla Telegraph Station are also a part of this magnificent excursion. This station was built in the 1870s and is one of the historic locations to see. If you choose to stay along this route, your housing options include camps, cottages, and roadhouses. It is one of the best places on Australian Road Trips.

You will enter a more spirited land of spinifex and red desert earth along this sealed and unsealed path. Red Centre Way is among the most diverse and aesthetically pleasing routes.

Kings Canyon, another unique location, is also accessible via this route if you enjoy trekking and exploring on foot. Views of Finke Gorge National Park and Watarrka National Park are available here.

6. The Gibb River Road

Australian Road Trips

This path is an excellent choice for you to explore these outback scrublands if you’re looking for untamed scenery free of clichés. If you go this route, you will require a 4WD because the entire route is made up of rough, dirty, and epic tracks. It is one of the best places on Australian Road Trips.

This route will travel via Derby and Kununurra while traversing Western Australia’s Kimberley region. You may learn about some of the incredible geological sites nearby, like the Bell, Emma, and Windjana.

This area has a long, rich history that dates back more than 60 thousand years. You may go through this fascinating historical region and fantastic art locations like El Questro and Mitchell Plateau on the Gibb River Road.

7. The Savannah Way

Australian Road Trips

Take the Savannah Way if you have plenty of time and are traveling with a thirst for adventure. This road connects Cairns and Broome and ascends to 15 national parks and other World Heritage sites. It is one of the best places on Australian Road Trips. There are only 2300 miles to travel.

However, because the roads are cemented, a 4WD is required for this breathtaking journey. Since you’ll be traveling through many tough locations, you should have extra fuel and plenty of fresh water.

8. The Big Lap

Australian Road Trips

You will circle all of Australia with The Big Lap. The total distance is about 9300 miles. To really explore it, though, you’ll need some time. It is one of the best places on Australian Road Trips. It is without a doubt one of the best drives in the world, and you will have the opportunity to travel through several key cities.

9. The 75-Mile Queensland Highway

Australian Road Trips

The largest sand island in the world is where the 75-mile Queensland Highway is located. There is a lot to be said in favor of this location. The Fraser Island, the local humpback whales, and the alluring marriage of sand dunes and high lakes. It is one of the best places on Australian Road Trips.

Along the route, there are numerous cafes, eateries, rest areas, and businesses. So if you’re seeking an adventure journey to Australia, make it your next stop.

10. The Pacific Coast

Australian Road Trips

From Sydney to Brisbane, the Pacific Coast runs for almost 900 kilometers. On the way, it traverses the Central Coast. It is one of Australia’s most well-known and often visited places. Between the two cities, there is a wealth of natural beauty to discover, including magnificent beaches, intriguing seaside towns, and numerous national parks.

Additionally, the region is home to a number of outstanding restaurants as well as cheese, chocolate, and olive manufacturers. You’ll need at least five days to fully explore this shore. It is one of the best places on Australian Road Trips.

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