10 Most Popular Coffee Drinks in Australia – Number 7 Is Unique To Australia

Popular Coffee Drinks in Australia

Australians adore their coffee drinks and are proud of their well-established, globally known coffee culture. This coffee drink culture is distinct and built on different espresso drinks rather than the usual filtered coffee drinks. But how did this love affair between coffee drinks and Australia begin? After World War II, Italian and Greek immigrants moved to Australia and brought their passion for Espresso.

The rest is now in the past! Australians are adamant about their coffee drinks’ quality and will not tolerate compromises. In addition to holding itself to high standards, this coffee drink culture values innovation and change. As a result, you will find cutting-edge equipment baristas who have received specialized training that places a premium on aesthetic inventiveness, originality, and seriousness that borders snobbery.

However, coffee drink roasters have also contributed to the nation’s culture of caffeine in addition to baristas. They are in charge of converting green coffee drink beans’ physical and chemical properties into roasted coffee products. To ensure excellent quality, they ensure that green beans are thoroughly roasted.

However, suitable procedures and techniques must determine a coffee drink bean’s best flavors and qualities. This is because developing a concept for a coffee drinks roast profile involves experimenting. Otherwise, the testing could lead to certain flaws in the roasting of the coffee drinks. Aussie coffee drink roasters take their craft seriously for several reasons, including this. Australians always appreciate premium-quality roasted coffee drink products. Therefore they also arm themselves with the necessary expertise and abilities to ensure your preference.

However, it’s crucial to understand that coffee drinks must ultimately be excellent no matter the variety or the person who prepares or produces the coffee drinks goods. Wide different varieties of coffee drinks are available to Australians since they love them so much. It is the main factor for Starbucks’ abject failure in Australia. They cannot correctly comprehend the market and provide a product that appeals to the desired tastes of the populace. Given this context, you might wish to explore Australia’s incredible coffee drink culture. So let’s discover the top 10 coffee drinks Drinks varieties in Australia.

The 10 Most Popular Coffee Drinks in Australia

1. Latte

Coffee Drinks in australia

Although the popularity of “Latte” in Australia may be waning, as evidenced by falling sales data, at 33% in sales, it continues to rule supreme as the country’s favorite coffee drink flavor. One shot of Espresso, steamed milk, and foam are added to a glass tumbler, also known as a cafe latte. Espresso and milk are often mixed in a 1:3 ratio and topped with 1 centimeter of milk foam. It may be the milkiest coffee drink and is the finest choice for those who like a sweeter flavor than the bitterness of coffee drinks. Since latte is the mildest coffee drink available due to the significant milk content, some people don’t even think it’s a coffee drink. Due to the milk infusion, lattes contain less caffeine.

2. Flat White

Coffee Drinks in australia

The classic Flat White, whose name conjures images of something mainly Australian, is right behind the latte in terms of popularity. With claims and counterclaims, the Flat White creation, however, may be causing some conflict between Australians and New Zealanders. However, drinking a Flat White has become a source of great pride for an Australian. What exactly is this well-known Flat White that Australians adore? It is a coffee drink beverage created for the first time in Australia. It uses the bottom-of-the-jug steam milk poured over an espresso shot. The steamed milk at the bottom of the jug is more creamy than frothy, which explains why this is the case.

In Australia, Flat White accounts for 24% of all coffee drink sales. It is the preferred coffee drink among hipsters and is gaining popularity in south-eastern regions, where latte reigns supreme. There is a heated argument among fans of Flat Whites over whether or not it needs a thin layer of micro-foam on top of the cup. However, it is totally up to you to provide your barista with specific instructions that suit your preferences. Choose a tiny layer of micro-foam to cover your cup of Flat White if you want the mouthfeel of cream.

3. Cappuccino

Coffee Drinks in australia

The most significant mover in Australia at the moment is cappuccino. Sales have increased from 12% to 19%, demonstrating that Australians, particularly in New South Wales, are again placing their trust in foam. After all, a cappuccino is a creamier variant of a latte. You can ask for 2/3 cm of micro-foam instead of 1 cm, which is how much is put on top of your tumbler for our Cappuccino. But cappuccinos are typically served in cups with chocolate or cocoa powder. Some roast-focused places dislike this because they think it takes away from the bean’s natural aroma.

Another option is a Dry Cappuccino, which has more foam than milk. You may also spread chocolate over Espresso, top it with hot milk, and then sprinkle cocoa powder on top. Since the cappuccino contains two shots of Espresso instead of just one, it contains more caffeine than a latte. Due to its creamy flavor and texture, this coffee drink beverage is becoming more and more popular in Australia.

4. Long Black

Coffee Drinks in australia

You can make a Long Black, also known as an Americano, by combining two shots of Espresso with hot water. It is a well-liked breakfast beverage with a lot of caffeine. American service members who visited Australia during World War II introduced this behavior to Australian families. This little episode of history is the source of the word “Americano.” However, it is commonly referred to as Long Black in Australian slang. It is a potent mixture without any flavoring. This is an alternative for those who prefer to avoid dairy products for taste or health reasons.

These diluted espresso shots are simple to obtain at home. However, you would be missing out on the flavor of Long Black coffee drinks, carefully extracted from single-source, fresh coffee drinks beans in an Australian coffee drinks shop using state-of-the-art Espresso machines. Additionally, you’ll miss the ambiance of Australia’s neighborhood coffee drinks shops, which are superbly crafted and tastefully adorned.

5. Short Black

Coffee Drinks in australia

The only ingredient in a short black is one shot of Espresso mixed with boiling water. This means that a cafe business has no opportunity to conceal its mistakes thanks to the recipe. For that great cup of Short Black coffee drinks, everything must be flawless. Nothing can be concealed from the buyer, from the quality of beans from a single source to their freshness. As a result, some also refer to it as the Coffee drinks Shop Tester. Some coffee drink shop owners will clean their machines after every Single Black order to achieve the perfect flavor.

This guarantees no remnants of previously ground coffee drinks beans, maintaining freshness. Australians are passionate about their coffee drinks, and coffee drink shop operators want a polite nod when it is made to perfection. They get a mouthful if they don’t earn the approval nod. Therefore, if you want pure coffee drinks and prefer them served straight, Australia is the country where you can find your ideal cup.

6. Short Macchiato

Coffee Drinks in australia

Short Black can be a little too harsh for some people’s palates, yet they nevertheless yearn for the exotic aroma of coffee drinks to fill their senses. Short Macchiato is the ideal solution for them. It is one espresso shot with steaming milk and foam on top. It is ensured that the harshness and bitterness of Espresso are mellowed down while allowing the aroma of coffee drinks to permeate your senses by using steamed milk in place of hot water. How is that done? Australian baristas meticulously make the Short Macchiato. First, one espresso shot is added to a tumbler.

On top of the Espresso is next delicately poured a dollop of steamed milk and foam. To gently combine the upper layer of Espresso with the bottom layer of milk, the tumbler is now slowly rotated clockwise for a few rotations. When this process is finished, our Short Macchiato is presented in three separate layers:

  • The bottom layer is made of Espresso.
  • The middle layer is made of Espresso and milk.
  • The top layer is made of steamed milk with foam.

A Long Macchiato can be made in the same way. Use two shots of Espresso in place of the single shot used in the Short Macchiato. You can make a cup of Long Macchiato by following the remaining steps in the Short Macchiato preparation method and spirit. Long Macchiato has more caffeine than Short Macchiato, as would be expected.

7. Ristretto and Magic (Most Unique Coffee Drinks In Australia)

Coffee Drinks in australia

Ristretto is an inventive method of extracting espresso shots to lessen the amount of caffeine and give it a black appearance. It is an extraction method that gives Espresso a double-concentrated form. Instead of stopping the machine after 30 seconds to produce a conventional espresso shot, 15 seconds is used to prepare a ristretto shot. This enables the extraction to be finished just as the espresso shot begins to become blonde, giving the beast its black appearance.

Alternately, we can extract the espresso shot using the same amount of coffee drinks and just half as much water; the flavor and strength of the beverage will be nearly identical. Since Ristretto contains half as much liquid as regular Espresso, it is typically served in double portions.

Ristretto has an Australian counterpart called Magic. Steamed milk is added to a double serving of ristretto in a 60-ounce cup to make it. Despite some claims to the contrary, this combination is thought to have originated in Sydney rather than Melbourne. However, Magic is undoubtedly specific to Australia. However, it must be acknowledged that Magic is not well-known outside of Melbourne and Sydney.

8. Mocha

Coffee Drinks in australia

A unique coffee drink beverage called a mocha is very common at coffee drink shops in Australia. Many devotees of conventional coffee drinks believe that others who dislike coffee drinks prefer Mocha. It consists of an espresso shot and chocolate syrup. First, boiling water and chocolate powder are briskly whisked to create the chocolate syrup. The solitary espresso shot will then be extracted by your barista and whisked into the chocolate syrup. The next step is to add the microfoam-infused steaming milk. The Mocha is finished with a generous amount of chocolate powder and is ready to be enjoyed.

Fair enough, mocha is a concoction of hot chocolate and Espresso. Hot chocolate in this blended drink tempers the sharpness of the espresso shot. Although it is typically served hot, there is an excellent version called Iced Mocha.

9. Affogato

Coffee Drinks in australia

Australian coffee drink shops provide you with Affogato as they continue to experiment with coffee drinks and their potential variations. This is more of a coffee drinks dessert than a coffee drinks beverage, but if you have a sweet tooth, you will adore the variation. A big scoop of vanilla ice cream is served with one shot of espresso coffee drinks. However, if you prefer a more significant amount of caffeine, you can request that your barista make your affogato with two shots of Espresso.

Again, depending on your preference, you can get an affogato hot or cold. Affogato can be considered a dessert but is not a beverage for breakfast.

10. Piccolo

Coffee Drinks in australia

The Piccolo fix comes last on the list of Australia’s top 10 varieties. It is a Ristretto served in a bit of glass with frothed milk. Two ounces of espresso coffee drinks and two ounces of steaming milk are another way to make a piccolo. The coffee is then minimally adorned by baristas using micro-foam. Piccolo is designed for those who want their Espresso with the least amount of milk.

Piccolo is also offered with one shot of Ristretto or one shot of Espresso and steamed milk. Any true coffee drinks enthusiast would adore the intense espresso flavor it produces. But because there is a small amount of steaming milk, it is not too harsh.


Given the details above, it is clear that coffee has long since established itself as an integral component of Australian culture. The majority of Australians depend on their daily coffee. Their days aren’t complete unless they have a taste of their preferred coffee drinks, whether they are at home or work. This is unquestionably one of the factors causing the Australian coffee drinks business to expand over time.


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