Want to Help Shape Australia’s Future? Learn How to Register to Vote


The date of the federal election is expected to be announced soon. Learn How to Register to Vote. Australian citizens are required to vote, so make sure you are on the voting list before the election is announced and that you can cast your vote. You must be an Australian citizen to vote. You must be at least 18 years old.

To become a voter, you can register online or submit a paper form. The Australian Electoral Commission or AEC website offers information in many languages, including Urdu, and easy-to-read English guides. The federal election is an opportunity to have a say in voting for Australia’s next government.

Are You Eligible to Register or Register to Vote?

Although voting is mandatory for most Australians, you must first check your eligibility. “Anyone who is an Australian citizen and is 18 years of age or older is eligible to register and vote.”

“But if you want to vote, you have to register.” About 400,000 new Australians registered to vote during the election cycle, according to the AEC.

When Should I Register?

Mohamed Al Khafaji, CEO of the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia, said: “We encourage all new Australians to register to vote as soon as they are eligible so that they can express their views on the future of Australia. . “

The last date for registration is usually one week after the announcement of the election date. If you are already registered, you have one week left to update your details.

Mr. Aiken Smith, a spokesman for the EC or the Election Commission, said there was no need to wait for the election date to be announced.

How Do I Register?

You can register using a simple online form. Even using your smartphone which is available on the website provided by OEC where you can register

Paper entry forms are available at any office if you prefer, or you can receive them in the mail.

You Can Call at 13 23 26

You must have some identification documents. Including an Australian passport, driver’s license, or citizenship certificate. Included

If you do not have an identity document, it is important to make sure you apply for it in advance. The waiting period for identification may vary, and in some cases up to four weeks.

Do I Need to Register For Every Election?

Once on the electoral roll, you can vote in any future federal, state, or local government elections. That’s why it’s important to keep your details up to date.

Mr. Aiken Smith says you have one week after the election date is announced to make sure your details are available.

“We will send a reminder if we receive data which means you have moved house, for example. But whenever you move house or change your name it is important that you Update details. Just go and provide any updates. If you are not sure whether you are already on the voter’s list or not.

Or visit the OEC website. Resources to help with enrollment. Across Australia, both the AEC and community support services provide resources for the first time to help voters who may face language and cultural barriers.

Mr. Khafaji says it is important to understand that some people come from countries where voting has been discouraged. This is a change of mind. We need to make sure that people feel confident that when they vote, their vote counts, and there are no threats or consequences for them.

The AEC website includes eligibility and registration methods, which have been translated into your language. They also provide a telephone interpreter service.

In addition, the AEC website offers ‘easy-to-read guides’ written using plain English and illustrations. Local multicultural organizations are great at reaching out to their communities to help people who aren’t sure where to start. Ivy Zhuo is a Settlement Support Worker with Migrant Resource Center Tasmania (MCR Tas).

“We offer a drop-in service with two cultural staff. Consultation on citizenship and voting is one of the most frequently asked questions,” says Ms. Zoe.

Our settlement team and trained volunteers asked, ‘Am I eligible to vote?’, ‘How do I register?’ And ‘Do I have to vote?’ Will you answer such questions?

The MRCTas website also provides information through SoundCloud so that people can learn to vote by listening to recordings in their own language.

What if I Do not Register to Vote?

Failure to vote can result in a fine. It is important to vote, but more importantly, keep in mind that if you do not register, you will lose your say.

To register on time for the Go to aec.gov.au

If you are in another state or territory and have not voted before, you will have to vote at an interstate voting center. The list of polling stations and interstate voting centers will be available a few weeks before election day. If you cannot get to the polling station on election day, you can vote before that day.

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