Top 10 Australian YouTubers

Australian YouTubers Stars

In this particular article, we have discussed the ten Australian YouTubers Stars There have been numerous new developments as a result of technological innovation and the world becoming a smaller, interconnected community. Social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube are among them. While browsing YouTube, we may find a variety of channels and YouTubers that aim to broaden our knowledge and offer information on various topics. Everything is available on YouTube, from comedic channels to gaming channels and kid-friendly channels. We’ll introduce you to the top 10 Australian YouTubers of 2020 in this section. Both individual YouTubers and YouTube channels fall under this category.

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Top 10 Australian YouTuber

1. LazarBeam

Lannan Eacott is the owner of the Australian YouTube channel LazarBeam. The YouTuber was a 1994 baby. He is a well-known gamer who has amassed a sizable fan base as a result of his Madden Challenge videos and is one of Australia’s top YouTube stars for 2020. His YouTube videos with little, untalented made players are among the most popular ones.

Additionally, he has created and posted movies for BeamNG, Happy Wheels, and GTA V with mods. The Australian YouTuber has more than 10.8 million subscribers as of this writing and has 1091 videos available on his channel.

Australian YouTubers

2. Wengie

Wen Jie Huang is the owner of the YouTube channel Wengie. Wen Jie is a well-known YouTuber who is Chinese and Australian. Wengie, a voice actor, singer, and YouTuber, was born in 1986. She has over 250 videos uploaded and more than 13.7 million subscribers. She is one of Australia’s most well-known YouTube stars. Her YouTube channel is one of Australia’s most popular How To and Style channels. She started her YouTube channel in 2013, and her videos offer DIY, fashion, and beauty advice. She also includes films of slime and practical jokes in her YouTube uploads. Wengie won the Best channel prize at the 2017 Australian Online Video Awards.

Australian YouTubers

3. SketchShe

The greatest way to sum up Australians’ love of music and humor is to read SketchShe. Shae-Lee, Lana, and Madison are three Australian ladies who run this witty comedy YouTube channel. The Bohemian Carsody sketch that the three women produced is what first made them well-known. Then came the release of Mime Through Time, which featured fast costume changes for the recreation of popular tunes from the previous 70 years. It’s fascinating to note that the women continue to sing while seated in their car during these song renditions. The channel has more than 1 million subscribers and 101 videos have been posted as of this writing. The group was also interviewed by Ellen, and they disclosed that they make films with the least amount of equipment possible by tapping their iPhone to their bras.

4. HowToBasic

On YouTube, How To videos are incredibly popular. Christopher Smith, an Australian YouTuber, runs one of these How To channels. A YouTube channel called HowToBasic posts deceptive how-to videos for practically everything. The YouTube user now has more than 13.4 million subscribers. He has so far posted almost 500 videos on his channel. He was frequently seen throwing and breaking eggs in his films. You must subscribe to HowToBasic if you enjoy watching comedy and entertainment-related YouTube channels.

Australian YouTubers

5. Lachlan

Another famous Australian YouTube channel is Lachlan, named after the guy behind the channel, Lachlan Ross Power. He was born in 1995 and is an Australian gamer. He is famous for playing games and uploading videos including Minecraft and Fortnite-related content. He has gotten more than 11.9 million subscribers and has uploaded more than 3200 videos. The YouTuber is also a creator of a very famous Pixelmon server known as Pokeballers. Lachlan has been given different sorts of names by his fans. These names include JagBattleDuty, The Teachers, and Little Lachy. After the huge success of his first channel, he has also initiated a second channel of gaming known as Lachlan Playz, where he features Let’s Plays.

6. Muselk

Elliott Watkins, a 1994-born YouTube user, runs the channel Muselk. Australian YouTuber Elliott Watkins has more than 7.9 million followers. There are almost 1500 gaming videos on the Muselk channel. Videos for Team Fortress 2, Star Wars Battlefront, Overwatch, Fortnite, and more games can be found on Muselk.

Australian YouTubers

7. SuperWog

The owners of SuperWog on YouTube are Theo and Nathan Saddian, a duo. It’s interesting to note that the brothers make fun of one another when uploading movies to this channel. Since they started their careers by mimicking their parents, Australian YouTubers have gained popularity for their humor. The brothers’ Greek-Egyptian mother and Egyptian father are raising them. They began by making light of their mother’s eccentricities, which led to them making fun of their own culture in order to amuse the outside world. More than 1.3 million people subscribe to their channel.

8. Ozzy Man Reviews

Ozzy Man Reviews is run by comedian Ethan Marrell, who lives in Perth. You may get a real-world perspective on Australian current events by watching this YouTube channel. He expresses his viewpoint through humor. He is also known for using Australian lingo in his films. Satirical comedies and persona parodies are among Ozzy Man Reviews’ most well-known specialties. He has released up to 450 videos and has more than 3.3 million YouTube subscribers. Almost everything that occurs around the globe, particularly in Australia, is reviewed by him. His reviews are a breath of fresh air in our hectic lives.

Australian YouTubers

9. Draw With Jazza

You should definitely sign up for the Draw With Jazza subscription service if you want to study drawing from the ground up. With more than 4.3 million subscribers, this YouTube channel is constantly expanding and was created by illustrator Josiah Brooks. Josiah Brooks posts videos and instructions on drawing on his channel. Speed paintings, broadcasts, tournaments, and much more are all included on his channel. He has currently posted almost 1000 videos that users may find useful.

10. Georgia Production

Georgia Production is named after its proprietor, a rising Australian YouTubers star named Georgia. She posts humorous vlogs and question-and-answer videos on this channel. Australian YouTuber who started in 2013 now has 590,000 subscribers. She may have 139 videos uploaded by the middle of 2019.

Australian YouTubers


In today’s technologically advanced world, many Australian YouTubers work hard to provide their viewers with knowledge and life-saving strategies. They are helping the world as well as themselves when they upload videos to YouTube. Numerous YouTubers are anticipated to dominate social media in 2022. The strongest of these will prevail and continue to gain.

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