Introduction of Sydney Gin Palooza Session

You’ll have the chance to meet and talk with 55 Australian craft gin distillers at the festival SYDNEY GIN PALOOZA. Also, there will be over 400 gins to choose from, and the distillers will prepare G&Ts in your ‘take home’ tasting glass. Pace yourself and sample G&Ts all around the place. All refreshments, including Schibello Coffee, are complimentary. Also, food will be available for purchase in tasty bites. Gin bottles will be available for purchase to take home.

“I’m thrilled to see this show return. Last year was incredible. Our annual excursion to see the distillers and take their gin home is a lot of pleasure.” Why not? It worked perfectly the first time at Manjit’s, so why not try it again?” Kennedy, Judith REFUNDS are only issued for events that are canceled.

Cooking Demonstration with Salmon Gravlax and NEVER NEVER GIN. Friday, 4.30 – 5.30 p.m., $140

Meet Paolo Gatto, an intriguing Italian chef (SUD Restaurant). He’ll show you how to make his famed Gravlax. Also, paolo will discuss why this particular gin is ideal for marinating smoked salmon. The distiller of Never Never will join the class to explore the suitability of his gin for cooking. You’ll get two canapes and a shot of the gin to see how well the two go together before moving on to the next Sydney Gin Palooza session.
If you have a Palooza ticket for the next session,

Three Cuts Gin Masterclass at Turner Stillhouse. 2:00 pm Sunday, May 1st

You are cordially invited. The award-winning Three Cuts Gin the Distiller’s Release, which was named Best in Show at the 2021 Australian Gin Awards, will be used in the Tom Collins gin cocktail. Also, prepare to learn about different distillation procedures for current artisan gins in a seminar.

Justin Turner, the Founder, and Distiller of Turner Stillhouse is an American living and distilling in Tasmania. So Justin married a Tasmanian from a multi-generational agricultural family and has had a lifelong love affair with Tasmanian spirits and cuisine. Also, turner Stillhouse was formed with the goal of fusing the art of craft spirits with modern technology and creating dependably great spirits – every time.

Justin will discuss the various types of gin distillation procedures, including the Steep Method and Vapor Infusion. He’ll also offer his knowledge of which botanicals work best in modern, contemporary gins, as well as tips for creating your own home cocktails.
Someone will win a bottle of the prize gin for $160, which covers the workshop and the subsequent Sydney Gin Palooza session.


THE WEST WINDS GIN COMPANY has received numerous trophies and gold medals, including 2020 prizes for best-flavored gin at both the Australian and World Gin Awards.

In this entertaining and informative one-hour workshop, their Master Distiller will stimulate your taste buds with the first taste of their latest kinds. Along with a tote bag and a keepsake cocktail glass, a small helping of tapas is included. The Palooza is automatically entered after the class.

“We cherish this area and gladly acquire our local foods directly from growers,” adds owner Paul White. Also, Honey, bush tomatoes, Davidson plums, limes, lemons, coriander, sloe berries, and sea parsley are just a few of the environmentally sustainable botanicals we purchase from local vendors.”

Saturday, November 20th, from 4.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. There are only 30 seats available. To purchase tickets, go to tickets.


Trophy-winning gin and elegant canapés to match ESTER proprietors Felix and Corinna’s presentation will consist of three courses with corresponding gin/cocktails. Also, Oysters with a gin cocktail Mignonette. Also, Salmon is cured in gin and served with an egg salad and route. Triple whipped cream Brie with a touch of grape sciatica. Saturday, November 20th, 12 – 1 p.m. There are only 30 seats available. So to purchase tickets, go to tickets. There are still a few tickets available.


Please keep in mind that we never postpone an event. If COVID restrictions force us to, we may have to postpone an event. After that, all tickets are valid for the new date. If you are unable to attend the revised date and require a refund, please contact us as soon as possible prior to the event date. All you have to do is ask.

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