S*A*S*H By Day & Night, 10th Birthday Celebrations Replay

Introduction of 10th Birthday Celebrations

So far, we’ve had a number of false starts with 10th birthday celebrations, and both Melbourne and Brisbane have had their turn. Now is the time for the birthplace of it all to speak up. We’re finally enjoying our tenth birthday, Sydney!

About this Event

Date – 17th April/ 18th April

Day – Sunday/Monday

Time – Sun, 2:00 pm, and Mon 12:00 pm AEST

Location – Greenwood Hotel & Home The Venue, SASH By Day & SASH By Night, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Description of 10th Birthday Celebrations

What began as a tiny Sunday afternoon gathering in Surry Hills has turned into a rollercoaster ride. This horse has not only galloped through six venues around Sydney. But it has also trotted across Australia to Melbourne and Brisbane.

It has traveled to Bali for the summer season and has also toured Europe. From London to Ibiza, Berlin to Barcelona, Amsterdam to Switzerland, Ibiza to Vietnam, and even Paris to Prague are just a few of the destinations.

It’s traveled the globe, but “there’s no place like home,” as Dorothy put it. And there’s no place quite like Sydney.

We’ve sailed and ice skated, we’ve sat and festivals, we’ve partied in warehouses and floating islands. Also, we’ve witnessed sunrises and sunsets, days and nights, and we’ve done it all with you.

Week in and week out, it’s been the punters who have made it all possible, who have backed us through regular Sundays and extended weekends, sit-down events, and both lockdowns and lockouts. Thank you very much. We appreciate your continued, unyielding, and unflinching support throughout this period.

That isn’t a tear, but sweat

Now that the hilarity is over, we can get down to business and honor this magnificent stallion!

We’ve enlisted the help of legends to provide the music for this historic event. We’ll be hosting one-third of Apollonia, an artist who needs no introduction — The Don, Dyed Soundorom – at the top of that list.

Second, Subb-an has been slinging fantastic tunes and even better moments for as long as we can remember, and is one of our favorites both on and off the decks.

Finally, Mike Shannon is one of our favorite artists. For his deep crates and lightning-fast mixing talents, he has amassed thousands of admirers and earned the respect of his colleagues.

Rough and difficult is ranked fourth on the list. We welcome James Dexter back with open arms and the master volume cranked since he is no stranger to Australian shores or our stables.

Last but not least, Katie Drover, Australia’s best export, returns to her homeland.

Those who remember before the epidemic will recall that on long weekends, we used to run from 9 p.m. till noon on Monday. We’re overjoyed to inform you that those times have returned.

Yes, your SASH By Night tickets includes Breakfast and an extra-long 15 hours of dancing with us inside Home The Venue. Bring your toothbrush; this will be a long day!

Excessive Fancy Dress is defined as excessive fancy dress, and those who do not dress up will be charged an additional $10 at the door.

Excessive Fancy Dress means excessive fancy dress, an additional $10 door charge will be placed onto door tickets for those who do not dress up.

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