Will you join us at Palooza? In October, 50 of Australia’s most innovative craft gin distillers will visit SYDNEY GIN FESTIVAL, and the WINX Stand is the ideal location for a gin celebration. Obtain a tote bag and a personal cocktail glass. Pace yourself and explore the space while sipping G&Ts. Talk with the distillers and the Long Rays crew while savoring some fine cuisine made by the WINX Chefs. The admission price covers all beverages, and gin bottles can be bought and taken home.


October 28 ( Friday) 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m
October 29 (Saturday) 12:30–1:30 P.M.
October 29 (Saturday) 1.30 TO 4.30 P.M.
October 29 (Saturday) 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
October 30 (Sunday) 11 A.M. TO 12 P.M.


12.30–1.30 P.M. $60 on Saturday, October 29 (includes the following 3hr SYDNEY GIN FESTIVAL tasting session)

A small-batch, high-quality gin is produced by Snowgum, a Melbourne-based boutique distillery, using only organic Australian botanicals. Although we only launched our company in January 2020, we have already had a significant impact by taking home six Australian gin awards and four foreign medals.

You can try our award-winning gins when you attend our masterclass. Jurgen Schludi, our master distiller, will discuss creating our distinctive, contemporary gin line. He will also explain why our Blue Tongue Gin and our recently introduced Rose Gin changed color excellently.

One of the few Master Distillers in Australia, Jurgen trained as a Master Distiller in Germany. He will explain the history of Snowgum’s gin recipes, the production process, and the company’s “hands-on” ethos.


11 A.M. to 12 P.M. $30 on Sunday, October 30 (includes the following 3hr SYDNEY GIN FESTIVAL tasting session)

Nosferatu Distillery was established in a dingy old South Melbourne cellar in May 2018 due to a passion for Pimms, Campari, and gin. The Nosferatu Distillery’s gin series embraces the spirit of creativity and labor to distill the best gin possible. It is inspired by movies, art, literature, folklore, and culture.

It should be noted that our packaging also reflects the outstanding inspiration that goes into our gin. By mastering the Australian botanicals and design features, our Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin received the award for the best gin bottle at the Australian Gin Awards in 2018. It went on to create its distinctive mark among boutique distilleries.

You will sample some of our cult classic gins and hear from our founder Rory during our masterclass. Rory will share thoughts on gin and food pairing, modern classic gin, design and labeling, and the company’s “hands-on” philosophy. Additionally, you’ll leave our masterclass with the knowledge and abilities to wow your friends at your next dinner party.

Gin and food samples included. $160.

Ester Spirits Distillers Attending This Year SYDNEY GIN FESTIVAL

  • Distilling Naught
  • Triple Distillation
  • Organic Distilling Co
  • Alcohol Prohibition Co
  • Distillery Pants Off
  • BR Distilling Co
  • Seasons, seven
  • Inn at Kangaroo Island
  • Distillery Coal River
  • Distilling by Clark & Kealey
  • Discoverers Distillery
  • hen spirits in red
  • Coastal Distillery
  • Distillery Tara
  • Distillers Husk
  • Byron Cape Distillery
  • Excellent Distillers
  • Seven Gins That Kill
  • Distillery Nosferatu
  • Metcalf Distilleries Earp Distilling Co.
  • 708 Gin
  • Agricultural Wife Distillery
  • At 78 degrees
  • Sunset Gin Gintonica Plan B Distillery
  • Co. Barossa Distilling
  • Adams Distillery Gindu
  • Taylor & Smith Tanglin Gin Winding Road Distilling Co
  • Little Henrys
  • Crown Street Distillery
  • Spirit of Little Things Burly Gin
  • Distillery Moontide
  • Distillery News
  • blunderbuss distillery
  • Manly Moods
  • Twitch Stillhouse
  • Semple Road Distillers
  • Surprise Visitor Dad & Dave’s Brewing
  • The Gin Store
  • Heartbroken Spirits
  • Heaps of Hickson House Excellent gin Banks and Solander
  • Hang 10 Bondi Liquor Distillery
  • Distilling Never Never
  • Authentic Spirit
  • Archie Distillery Rose Edge of the World
  • Distillery Hillmartin
  • Dasher & Fisher Camden Valley Distilling Co


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