Launch an ICO/Crypto Project in a Weekend (2022 Pilot)

Apply to Join Our Pilot Program to DIY & Bootstrap the Launch of Your ICO/Crypto Project in a Weekend

About This Event

Date – 03/09/2022

Day – Saturday

Time -7:00 am 

Location – Hilton Sydney, 488 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

Refund – No Refund

A Detailed Description of Crypto Project

Want to start your own ICO, NFT Market, Metaverse, or cryptocurrency project but are unsure how to proceed Welcome to the club, first and foremost. The procedure might be extremely perplexing. Most people give up right away.

Second, you may always hire someone to start your ICO on your behalf, but this often costs between $50,000 and $500,000. We will be testing a weekend program to teach novice cryptocurrency founders how to DIY – project manages the launch of a brand-new ICO/NFT Market/Metaverse/Crypto Project over the course of a single, condensed weekend.

We will go over everything a newbie crypto founder needs to know (regardless of whether you are an experienced crypto nerd or an average beginner) and provide you with all the tools you need to DIY your own launch, including case studies of successful and unsuccessful launches, a list of your options, a roadmap, instructions on how to develop your projects, and the documents you’ll need (with examples).

We will only be accepting a specific number of candidates per place because this will be a test event and because of COVID restrictions. Each startup project is limited to one attendee.

  • The pilot will be conducted online and in numerous cities around the world.
  • (For more information on these more places, see our other events.)
  • Through Eventbrite, You Can Apply Here

Best of luck!

Crypto Project

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