The Best10th Global Waqf Conference

Global Waqf Conference (GWC) series is an annual event since 2013.

About Waqf Conference Event

Date – 02 December 2022

Day – Friday

Time – 4:00 PM

Location – The Islamia University Bahawalpur – IUB Baghdad-ul-Jadeed Campus, Hasilpur Road, Bahawalpur, Punjab 63100

Refund – No Refund

Conference Theme: Waqf Renaissance – Transforming Islamic Economy

Through waqf, the conference seeks to revitalise the Islamic economy. The world’s Muslim populace is becoming increasingly concerned about the welfare of the Muslim community. The mechanism to strengthen the Muslim Ummah’s wealth capacity to be shared with the vulnerable segments in society in order to provide the bare minimum of comfort is urgently needed.

The International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and University Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK) are the two founding partners of the 10th Global Waqf Conference 2022. The Islamia University of Bahawalpur Pakistan is the primary organiser of the conference along with Fonterra, University Islam Malaysia (UIM), Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU), Ihsan Trust Pakistan, and WaCiDS Indonesia.

Waqf Conference

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