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Call Recorder – Recostar

Recostar provides the easiest way to record phone calls on iPhone and Android devices. We respect personal data privacy and aim to provide the best service.

Call recording may be essential for both corporations and people, whether used for compliance, protection, or as proof of conditions in a negotiation process. Generally speaking, you must abide by the call recording laws in your area. Smartphones are our little helpers since they are so convenient and commonplace that we can use them for practically anything. Unfortunately, because malicious software was able to access very sensitive data, manufacturers are not very happy about the interception of smartphone speech channels.

Recostar was developed as a safe and dependable call recording method. Furthermore, in some cases, it may be the sole means to record a call. Instead of requesting risky permissions on your mobile device, we use standard.

Call Recording is Challenging

Even while call recording appears relatively simple, not everything is as obvious as it seems. Recostar overcomes numerous technological obstacles to deliver this service and make it freely available to our clients.

Features of Call Recorder – Recostar

  • Call Recording – Record both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Share Voice – Send your voicemails and Recoded calls to your friend.
  • Web Application – Recostar is the best web application for those who have received several calls.
  • Cloud Storage – A convenient and safe way to store recordings
  • Tags – Add unique tags to all critical calls and communications.
  • Search – You can easily search your desired recordings. 
  • Consulting – Our helpful customer service team assists all clients.
  • Voice Recorder – Recording your voice is a straightforward approach to recalling things.

Services of Recostar

  • First Call Recorder is a completely free service.
  • To record a phone call, no subscriptions, trials, or in-app purchases are necessary.
  • Free and simple call recording!
  • You can retrieve call recordings produced using the Recostar recording service using the Recostar App.
  • Call the Recostar phone number and combine the call with any incoming or outgoing calls to use the Recostar call recorder service.
  • The recording will be accessible through the Recostar app or website.
  • You can use the Recostar service to record important calls on your iPhone.
  • You can effortlessly record phone conversations by opening our call-recorder app, as you shall see.

What Recostar Does

We offer various recording options depending on whether or not you have a paid subscription. The paid version offers convenience, and depending on your mobile carrier, it may also be the only way to record calls.


  • Within the Recostar Free program, a user places a call to a callee.
  • The program attempts to dial a service number (a platform number)
  • The platform immediately picks up the phone if the call is successful.
  • The software tries to dial the first number (the number of a callee)
  • If the second call is successful, you MUST select “Merge” (combining this way both calls to a conference)

The way this system operates for both incoming and outgoing calls is the same.

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