Events Held on 21 February

1. Samsn’s (STRONGER) Podcast Launch – Monday 21 Feb 2022

About Event

Day – Monday

Date – 21 Feb 2022

This pioneering and brave podcast, narrated by Rob Carlton and Felicity Blake, is the first of its sort ever event recorded in Australia. SAMSN is Australia’s foremost support group for male child sexual assault survivors and their families.

STRONGER tells the narrative of how these survivors overcame their obstacles and provides an opportunity to benefit from their experiences.

Survivors and Mates Support Network

We are a non-profit organization that provides guys and their supporters with individually tailored support and counseling. SAMSN offers eight-week support groups, monthly drop-in meetings, workshops for supporters and survivors, as well as courses and training for service providers. SAMSN is a Redress Support Service, which means that all of our services for survivors and supporters are provided at no cost.

Samsn’s (STRONGER) Podcast Launch

2. Timed entry to Giant’s Causeway (21 Feb- 27 Feb)

About Event

Day – Monday

Date – 21 Feb 2022

We’re limiting visitor numbers to ensure a safe opening. When you visit, please follow the most recent instructions.

Please arrive within the 30-minute window allotted to you. After then, you’re invited to stay till the end of the night.

This week, the full Giant’s Causeway Visitor Experience is offered, which includes a guided tour, on-site parking, use of an audio guide (available in 11 languages). Also, access to the Visitor Centre exhibition, café, store, and restrooms.

Dogs on leashes are welcome in all places, including the Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre, which has a dog-friendly policy.

Important Note

Please only purchase one ticket per person. When you visit, please follow the most recent instructions. Indoors, unless you’re exempt, face coverings are necessary, so please carry one with you.
Members can park for free, however, non-members must pay at the pay machines. We welcome campervans, however, they are not allowed to remain overnight, and we are unable to accommodate caravans at this time.

The property personnel will decide whether or not to allow visitors based on the number of visitors.
Before you travel, check the property’s website to discover which amenities are available for your visit.
Tickets are on sale now.

Privacy Note

We value your privacy and will only use your information to process and handle your booking through the Eventbrite system. Also, for additional information, please check our Privacy Policy. The National Trust, charity number 205846. Also, the National Trust (Enterprises) Limited is referred to as “we.”

 Timed entry to Giant's Causeway
Timed entry to Giant’s Causeway

3. CBT Group Supervision – Taster 21 Feb 2022

About Event

Day – Monday

Date – 21 Feb 2022

This 2-hour Zoom class will allow you to learn more about Group Supervision and Practical CBT. Also, each supervisee presents crucial aspects of a current case and receives. Also, feedback and recommendations for therapy and therapist assistance.

Qualified counselors or student counselors enrolled in recognized professional programs are eligible for admission. By registering for this event, you agree to observe the following group rules.

The Group Supervision Contract Agreement

This is a contract between the above-mentioned Supervisee and Professor Patrick McGhee, as well as the other supervisees in the group.

Also, Meetings are held on a monthly basis, on average. Both parties’ rights and responsibilities.

Supervisory Authority

  • To express concerns or issues about the job of the Supervisee.
  • So. inquire about the work and workload of the Supervisee.
  • To provide constructive criticism to the Supervisee on his or her work performance.
  • To assess the Supervisee’s performance and, if necessary. Also, to recommend supportive or remedial measures.

 Supervisor Responsibilities

  • To adhere to ethical and professional guidelines.
  • Also, that a record of the meeting is kept.
  • Ascertain that each Supervisee understands their responsibilities and roles.
  • To keep all disagreements private.

Supervisee Rights:

  • Presenting client situations
  • Also, to get feedback from the supervisor and supervisees
  • To elicit information from others
  • To constructively challenge ideas and direction. Also, To be treated with dignity and respect

Supervisee Responsibilities:

  • To adhere to ethical and professional rules.
  • Also, be ready to discuss client cases using written case notes and/or video/audio tapes;
  • To be ready to defend diagnoses, therapies, approaches, and methodologies;
  • To be adaptable and to employ alternative techniques of practice when necessary. Also, To provide other supervisees with balanced, fair, and supportive feedback
  • Show respect for other supervisees and be inclusive in your approach.
  • To keep all disagreements private.
CBT Group Supervision
CBT Group Supervision

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