CEO Tesla Elon Musk’s New Project Humanoid Bot Is A Reality Or Joke?

Elon Musk reveals his new project Humanoid Bot on AI Day (Artificial Intelligence) of Tesla in August 2021. After presenting a demo of Humanoid Bot, he also answers the different questions. He says that it will be launched somewhere next year. Tesla Humanoid Bot will be near to a superhuman.

Artificial Intelligence Robot
Artificial Intelligence Robot

A new discussion is started after the AI day of Tesla. Most people considered it real and some people say that it is just an empty promise of Elon Musk. They considered it is impossible to synthesis a humanoid robot.

There is all information about the humanoid bot and the points of criticisms. So that, you can know every aspect of the story to know the truth about this hot topic.

Humanoid Bot Introduction And Specifications

humanoid bots are designed just like a human. it seems like a real man. The wiki of the humanoid bot is given in the following table.

Name Humanoid Bot
Developer Company Tesla
Chief Engineer Elon Musk
Generic Robot
Intention Friendly
Weight 125 Pound, 56.7 Kg
Height 5 Feet 8 Inch, 1.7 Meter
Lanching Year 2022
Purpose For Physical Work
Carrying Capacity 45 Pound, 20.4 Kg
Speed 5 Mph, 8 Km/h
Deadline of Weight Lifting 150 Pound, 68 Kg
Capacity with outstretched arms 10 Pound, 4.5 Kg
Electromechanical Actuators 40
Arm (12), Hands (12), Legs (12), Neck & Torso (4)
Technology Full Self Driving, Artificial Intelligence
Humanoid Bot Wiki

Basic Purpose Of Humanoid Bot By The Elon Musk

In an answer to Questions, Elon Musk says that the basic purpose of this bot is to help humanity in the future for physical works. For example, when you are feeling boring from the repetition of work, you can order the robot to go to the store and take the groceries.

This robot concept is not like the other science fiction movie robots (Terminator) used for destruction. It is friendly and helpful for humanity. It will be used for professional purposes in the future in replacement of humans. Robots also will be the labor force of multinational companies.

Working Tecnology Of Tesla Humanoid Bot

The technology of Tesla auto-driving cars is used in these humanoid bots. There is a screen on the face of the robot that will show all the ongoing information. The hands of robots are just like human hands for lifting weight and working.

The Tesla Humanoid Bot technology includes actuators, sensors, data & energy infrastructure, and autopilot technology. It will be controlled through Tesla Full Self Driving Computer.

CEO Tesla Elon Musk
CEO Tesla Elon Musk

Criticized points Against Tesla Humanoid Bot

Some people criticize this project of Elon Musk because they think that it is just an empty promise and joke to the people. Their criticism points are the following.

  • They think that it is impossible to make a robot like a superhuman.
  • The purpose of this project is just to generate investment and be in news.
  • Some critics matched it with a previous robot Sophia that was just a drama.
  • The most dynamic company related to robots Boston Dynamic never described such a project that will be just like a human.

These are the basic points that are given against the Tesla Humanoid Robot.

Closing Words For Elon Musk Humanoid Bot

We can not decide before the time that it is real or just a joke with the world. Its best solution is to just wait till the given launching date of the robot.

By seeing the success of the X-Space, it is predicted that Elon Musk will be able to make such a Humanoid Bot for the positive purpose and help of humanity.


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