Best Android Games 2021

Best Android Games 2021

Play Store offers you countless Android games free of cost that not only provide entertainment but enhance your mental ability by refreshing your mind. In this era of the modern age, Games has become the need of everyone in their spare time. If you face any difficulty in making the best choice of games, we’ve got plenty of games that you can play on PC and mobile.

Here we gathered a list of Best Android Games Free, each with its features, and you can easily download them from the Play Store.

Here is the list of Best Games for Android:

  1. Call of Duty: Mobile
  2. Alto’s Odyssey
  3. Garena Free Fire

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Call of Duty: Mobile:

Call of Duty is a shooter game free to play with 100 players, available for Android and iOS. In multiplayer mode, you can play ranked or non-ranked matches. A private room is available for the players where they invite and battle with their friends. Call of Duty utilizes two currencies: “Credits” and “COD” points. By playing COD, you can earn credits that you can use in buying weapons. (Guns, ammo, turret material etc. Skins, but some weapons can only be allowed to buy with COD points. You can earn COD points with real-world money. The game also features Battle Royale mode against your enemies, and you can also face zombies attack while playing COD.

COD Best Games for Android Free


  • Action-Packed Multiplayer Mode
  • Massive Battle Royale Update
  • New Characters every season
  • Customize your ultimate weapons
  • Complete Battle Pass to earn rewards
  • Multiple PVP game modes, Fan favourite MP mode

Download Call of Duty: Mobile: best games for android

Alto’s Odyssey 

Alto’s Odyssey is an endless sandboard running game in a majestic desert where you uncover many mysteries and explore canyons, temples and take to the skies with hot air balloons and wingsuits. There is a new challenge at every step in the lost city. The game is based on a one-button trick system; you can jump by tapping on the screen and avoiding hurdles like hills and rocks. Bypassing limitations with tricks and skills, the player gets the scores added to the leaderboard. You can continue your game with the saved progress. Alto’s Odyssey Lost City offers a Zen mode that eliminates scores, coins and power-ups for a more relaxing experience in an endless desert.

Alto’s Odyssey best android games 2021


  • Easy to learn, difficult to master one button trick system
  • Explore Biomes, Newfound heights, wall-riding, water mechanics, tornadoes, falling platforms and balloon bouncing
  • Zen Mode
  • Unlock six unique characters and meet Alto and his friends
  • A standalone experience based on real-world snowboarding
  • Fully dynamic lighting and weather effects with original music and handcrafted audio

Download Alto’s Odyssey: best games for android free

Garena Free Fire:

Free Fire is an action-adventure game played in a group of 49 others players on a remote island. The aim is to survive yourself as the last man standing by staying in a safe zone. You can start from anywhere and explore the map in search of weapons, loot your enemies, snipe, and at the end, the only goal is to survive. You can also create a squad of up to 4 players, communicate with your team, and answer the call of duty to instruct and lead them to victory. The game begins with the players in the plane, and they jump out on the island and choose a safe place away from the enemies. The player gathered all of the products from the island and, in the end, achieved his ultimate goal of being the only remaining survivor.


  • Clash Squad, 50 players onto an island, 1 Survivor
  • Fast-Paced action victory in just 10 minutes
  • Global Collaboration ( Join the Music Party together)
  • New Training grounds and Spawn island
  • Exclusive new mode (Lone Wolf: 1V1)
  • Training Ground Optimization
  • 360 Degree Lobby customizable display
  •  Launch globally with HD map, enhanced animations

Download Garena Free Fire: best android games 2021

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