After Getting an Education from Australia, Social Service in Pakistan


Many people who want to improve their education move from Pakistan to Australia, but their main goal is to use their skills to work for social welfare in Pakistan. One such woman is Shazia Asif Khan who came to Australia. Also, to do a certificate course but is now running an institution to serve the needy in Pakistan. I get moral support from Australia and that is what we really need.

We work to educate children who for some reason are unable.  Also, to get an education or are forced into prostitution. Human rights issues are everywhere but the main difference between Australia and Pakistan is that Pakistan lacks facilities.

Education from Australia
Education from Australia

Education from Pakistan to Australia

Many of these people travel from Pakistan to Australia for education. Also, the main purpose of which is to go to Pakistan and offer their services. One such woman is Shazia Asif Khan who came to Australia for a certificate course. But is mainly running an institution in Pakistan that is active for the welfare and education of poor children.

Shazia says her organization works for the rehabilitation and education of children. So, whose parents cannot afford to send their children to school? According to Shazia, her focus is on educating the children of housewives. Also, children who are forced into prostitution. Or begging on the sidewalk due to poor conditions. Shazia also said that her school hours are kept soft. So that parents do not stop their children. Also, from working despite counseling, their children can get an education after work.

Shazia currently works mostly in Karachi and its suburbs. Besides, villages and goths of Sindh near Karachi are the centers of his work. Talking about the future of her organization, Shazia said that she would soon leave Sindh under her organization. And now she wants to work in other provinces of the country and for this. Also, she is expanding her scope of work through regular registration. Also, she will also provide social service in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

On the other hand, Shazia says that she is currently working on the education of her children, but at the same time, she is also rehabilitating women who are facing issues such as domestic violence, divorce, abused women, and women affected by acid attacks. And want to do well.

Shazia says that there is a dearth of good hospitals in the backward areas of the country so she wants to set up a hospital with the best medical equipment with technology and at the same time take care of cleanliness. He says that although there are good hospitals in Pakistan they are out of reach or under a lot of pressure from patients. While he wants to set up a free hospital, Shazia hopes that by the end of this year Regularly start all your projects.

Shazia says she intended to pursue a master’s degree in human rights from Australia by the end of 2019 but was unable to do so due to the changing global situation and travel restrictions following the coronavirus. Intend Asked by SBS Urdu, Shazia Asif said that she has many friends in Australia who encourage her for such an important social cause in Pakistan. He says it is this motivation that gives him the impetus to move forward.

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