Sale on Apple,s iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy

1. Apple iPhone 13

Your new superpower is the iPhone 13. Apple’s iPhone 13 is The iPhone’s most advanced dual-camera setup to date. Durable design. 5G is a superfast internet connection. 1 As well as a Super Retina XDR display that is brighter.


  • Display: 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR2.
  • Video playback for up to 19 hours
  • Also, ceramic Shield provides a long-lasting design with industry-leading IP68 water resistance.
  • 5G for lightning-quick downloads and high-definition streaming
  • Supports MagSafe attachments for quick wireless charging and easy connection


You must have a data plan. The display features rounded corners with a lovely curving shape that is contained within a normal rectangle.

The actual area that can be seen is smaller. Battery life varies depending on use and settings; for more information, go to apple.com/au/batteries. Also, Accessories are available for purchase individually.

Apple iPhone 13
Apple iPhone 13

2. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

Meet the phone that’s altering the future’s shape. Also, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G features a strong hinge, a folding screen, S Pen pen compatibility1, and a long-lasting battery, all in a small package that fits comfortably in your palm.


1. Transformative Viewing Experience

Jump from smartphone to theater-like immersion. Also, with the Galaxy Z Fold3’s full front 6.2-inch display and folding inner 7.6-inch display.

2. Durable Design

Take confidence in knowing that your Galaxy Z Fold3 is protected by the strongest Gorilla Glass seen on a smartphone3 and is made to last with protective aluminum on the frame and hinge cover. With IPX8 water protection, you won’t have to worry about spills or splashes4.

3. Sleek Design & S Pen Compatible

Enjoy the precision of the S Pen, which allows you to handwrite notes and have them automatically converted to text, among other things1. The Galaxy Z Fold3 fits nicely in your hand and glides neatly into your pocket5 because of its slimmer and lighter design.

4. Flex Mode

Flex mode allows you to fold the Galaxy Z Fold3 at an angle and hold it in whatever position you want6.

5. Incredible Performance

The fastest Galaxy chip ever will turbocharge your 5G experience8. Dual intelligent battery power combines the power of two batteries into a single long-lasting battery, allowing you to stay on top of your tasks for longer periods of time.

Main Points

  • Both the S Pen Fold Edition and the S Pen are available individually.
  • The front screen is 6.2″ diagonally in a complete rectangle and 6.1″ when rounded corners are taken into account, and the interior screen is 7.6″ diagonally in a full rectangle and 7.4″ when rounded corners are taken into account.
  • On the main screen, a natural fold may be evident.
  • Gorilla Glass is only available on the device’s cover screen and back, not the primary screen.
  • Based on submersion in up to 1.5 metres of freshwater for up to 30 minutes under test conditions. Care instructions and limitations can be found in the user handbook for your phone.
  • When compared to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, it’s a no-brainer.
  • Due to shaking or another movement, maintaining Flex mode while moving may be problematic. While in Flex mode, it’s best to keep the phone motionless.
  • Flex mode may not be supported by all programs.
  • Google Duo is a Google LLC trademark. Requires a high-speed 5G connection.
  • 5G services are only available in areas with a 5G network. The actual speed varies by country, carrier, and user situation.
Apple iPhone 13
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

3. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is an outstanding smartphone alternative for the sophisticated, modern trendsetter, including a groundbreaking flexible glass that provides you with a full screen in a foldable, pocketable design, a cutting-edge camera system, and a dual battery. It also supports 5G for faster internet rates.


1. Fold It

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G features a brand-new foldable form factor that is tiny, robust, and unlike anything you’ve ever held before. It will fit comfortably into your pocket or bag, and the matching color will provide a classy touch to your ensemble.

2. For Enhanced Durability

The Z Flip3 5G is made to last, with Gorilla Glass2 on the front and back, and armor aluminum on the frame and hinge cover.

3. Hands-Free with the Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 features Freestop folding technology, making it suitable for hands-free video calls and taking selfies from various angles. To swiftly change your shooting style, fold, flip, or stand it.

4. Exceptional Performance

The Z Flip3 smartphone promises a supercharged 5G experience5, thanks to its speedy and powerful CPU. It also features a dual intelligent battery power design, which combines the power of two batteries for longer battery life.

5. Enjoy the Sound

This Samsung Galaxy smartphone features Dolby Atmos stereo speakers6 for immersive and dynamic audio output. When you’re watching compatible content, you’ll be able to hear the flow of moving sound around you with pinpoint accuracy.

Key Points

  • 5G services are only available in 5G-enabled areas and on approved networks. Only a few operators are currently available. The actual speeds that can be achieved will vary.
  • Gorilla Glass is only available on the device’s cover screen and back, not the primary screen.
  • Requires a high-speed 5G connection. Only G network-enabled locations can use 5G services. The actual speed varies by country, carrier, and user situation.
  • For Dolby Atmos® or DTS: X.playback, source content must be Dolby Atmos® or DTS:X enabled.
Apple iPhone 13
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

4. Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G 128GB

With the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G 128GB, you can take crisp and detailed photos, enjoy immersive entertainment, and handle a variety of productivity tasks at home, at work, or on the go while also taking advantage of your provider’s fast 5G infrastructure. It’s also IP67 rated for maximum water and dust resistance*, allowing it to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions.


1. An Awesome Powerhouse

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G 128GB is equipped with an innovative octa-core chipset that features a speedier CPU and GPU than before**. It also has a microSD card slot that can be used to add up to 1TB of storage (memory card sold separately).

2. Cutting-Edge Camera Setup

The A52s 5G’s multi-lens camera technology makes it simple to snap clear and detailed photos in a variety of situations.

3. Enjoy What You See

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G offers sharp and vibrant images when presenting material and playing games.

4. Great Sound In Your Hands

The Samsung Galaxy A52s comes with a dual-speaker design – one on top and one on the bottom – that provides an immersive stereo music experience without the use of earbuds. Enjoy clear and powerful Dolby Atmos sound while watching movies or playing action-packed games.

5. Keep It Secure

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G has an on-screen fingerprint sensor for quick and easy unlocking. It also comes with a multi-layered Samsung Knox security technology to keep your data safe and private.

Key Points

  • In comparison to the Galaxy A52 5G.
  • Dolby Atmos playback requires Dolby Atmos-enabled source content.
  • 4,370mAh is the rated (minimum) capacity.
Apple iPhone 13
Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G 128GB

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